Canaries in the Coal Mine Part III – The Others

The final group of canaries don’t have anything in common. I just grouped them together to avoid having three more small canaries. Let’s start with high yield (junk) bonds which I write about very often on the blog. I like to use one of the exchange traded funds (ETF) ones as well as one from the mutual fund space.
Right below, you can see JNK which is one of the two major high yield bond ETFs. It peaked in early January. Just below that chart, you will find PHYDX which is a PIMCO’s giant high yield mutual fund. It, too, peaked in early January which is technically not so bad, however I am very concerned about the depth of the decline that ensued and high yield’s inability to rally very much since. While I do think high yield will rally this month and into Q3, I believe there is a good chance that the January peak for this all-important canary could mark the bull market high. If that’s the case, the stock market will have lost an important canary for quarters or perhaps even years to come.

The New York Stock Exchange Advance/Decline Line (NYAD) is next and it is important because it shows the levels of participation in the bull market rally. 90% of all bull markets deaths show a NYAD canary that was dead at least three months before prices started to roll over. In other words, the NYAD is a very good leading indicator that will sometimes give false warnings, but rarely fail to warn. It usually pays to watch for times when stocks are making new highs and this indicator is not.
Below you can see that at the January peak, the NYAD was scoring fresh new highs. As has been the theme of this whole issue, this is absolutely not the type of behavior usually seen at bull market peaks.
Finally, somewhat similar to the NYAD, we look at the percent of stocks above their average price of the last 200 days. Bull market typically end with significant weakness beneath the surface over the long-term. That means the line below should be going down well before price see their final highs and the number should certainly be less than 60%. At the January stock market peak, 75% of stocks were trading above their 200 day long-term trend.
Summing it all up, as has been the case during every single stock market pullback and correction since the bull market launched in March 2009, the bearish pundits have been dead wrong. The preponderance of the evidence strongly suggests new highs for the stock market which I have been forecasting all year, above Dow 27,000. I still have an upside projection to Dow 30,000.

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One Door Closes Another Opens

On Wednesday, to no one’s surprise, Janet Yellen & Co. ended the Fed’s 5+ year experiment of purchasing assets in the treasury and mortgage backed securities market, also known as quantitative easing (QE) or money printing. I won’t rehash all of the reasons why I continue to believe this is a misguided strategy, but it is.

Before the ink was even dry on the statement, the Bank of Japan completely caught the markets off guard last night with another ramp up of their own QE, buying more bonds, extending maturities and really ramping up their purchase of stocks using ETFs and REITs. I have said this since Abenomics (Japan’s version of our QE but on steroids) was launched in Japan, this will go down as the greatest financial experiment in history. Japan is going to print until the world runs out of ink!

And the European Central Bank (ECB) isn’t far behind.

Many are left to wonder what our markets and economy are left with in a post QE America. In a vacuum, the end of QE is headwind, however, with Japan going on even more steroids and the Europe about to begin QE, I don’t view it as a negative just yet. That time will come down the road.

For now, my thesis remains the same. Markets gave us a golden opportunity to buy a few weeks ago and I hope people took advantage of that. It was easy in real time and I wrote about the bottoming forming as it took place. The bull market is old, wrinkly,  but still very much alive. Rallies should get more selective from hereon and it will be interesting to see where leadership comes from.

Markets really need to see the high yield sector step up and rally! Odds favor it will.

Happy Halloween! One of my favorite holidays. Can’t wait to take the kids out tonight and then come home for some adult beverages.

Enjoy the weekend and be safe…

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Bears Still Fleeing Bonds et al

It’s been a relentless assault on the bond market and other interest rate sensitive instruments of late. Treasury bonds, mortgage backed securities, high quality corporate bonds, junk bonds, utilities, REITs have seen intense selling pressure that has only paused for a day here and there since late April. Telecom, REITs and high yield bond mutual funds all hit our sell triggers last month and it certainly feels like consumer staples mutual funds and a few more bond ETFs aren’t too far behind.

I do NOT believe the bull market in stocks is over, but leadership has and is changing.

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